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  • Save the Date! “There’s No Place Like BioFest” – September 25th – 27th, 2022 at Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA

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**Click presentation titles below to download PDF slides of each presentation**

Nutrients 101 Speaker
MODERATOR: Jim Dunbar, Northwest Biosolids President
30 8:30-9:00 30 minute networking 8:30-9:00, bring your coffee!
10 9:00-9:10 Introduction to session, chat-based icebreaker
15 9:10-9:25 Application rate workshop Kyle Dorsey
15 9:25-9:40 Sulfur – the Forgotten Nutrient Amber Moore
15 9:40-9:55 Phosphorus Availability vs Regulations Ron Alexander
15 9:55-10:10 Nutrients & Regulations in Florida Maria Lucia Silveira
15 10:10-10:25 Q&A – All Talks
15 10:25-10:40 Break
MODERATOR: Sally Brown
15 10:40-10:55 Forest + Biosolids = Soil Carbon Storage  Sally Brown
15 10:55-11:10 Quantifying Carbon Sequestration with biosolids in CA Yocelyn Villas
15 11:10-11:25  BEAM Model – Version 2.0 Andrew Carpenter
15 11:25-11:40 Q&A
15 11:40-11:55 Program Highlight: EPCOR Canada changing regulations Deidre Bartlett
15 11:55-12:10 Break
45 12:10-1:00 Dr. Biosolids Henry Campbell
Mins GAME: Wellness Day
Soil Health: Sept 16 
MODERATOR: Deirdre Griffin LaHue
8:30-9:00 30 minute networking 8:30-9:00, bring your coffee!
10 9:00-9:10 Introduction to day, chat-based icebreaker
15 9:10-9:25 Soil Health 101: What it means & how biosolids fit in Deirdre Griffin LaHue
15 9:25-9:40 Soil Health & Plant health in urban soils: Do amendments give both a boost? Anna Beebe
15 9:40-9:55 Understanding the impact of class a soil products on urban systems Mike Badzmierowski
15 9:55-10:10 Q&A – All Talks
15 10:10-10:25 Program Highlight: DC Water. Good for the planet and the pocket book Chris Peot
15 10:25-10:40 Break
  Epidemiology: Sept 16 
MODERATOR: Erika Kinno
15 10:40-10:55 Wastewater Tools to controlling COVID at Univ. of Arizona Ian Pepper
15 10:55-11:10 Tracking COVID in wastewater: San Francisco Style Ryan Batjiaka
15 11:10-11:25 Pandemic Epidemiology with Sewers in King County Bob Bucher
15 11:25-11:40 Wastewater Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 Amy Kirby
15 11:40-11:55 Q&A – All Talks
15 11:55-12:10 Break
50 12:10-1:00 COVID Survival Stories Interactive
Mins   GAME: Scavenger hunt for PFAS in your house  
    MODERATOR: Cat Gowan, King County  
  8:30-9:00 30 minute networking 8:30-9:00, bring your coffee!  
10 9:00-9:10 Introduction to day, chat-based icebreaker  
25 9:10-9:35 Broader perspective on PFAS Irina Makarow
25 9:35-10:00 Pyrolysis – Will it make PFAS go away? Todd Williams
10 10:00-10:10 Q&A  
10 10:10-10:20 Break  
25 10:20-10:45 Perspective on PFAS and microplastics in biosolids Heather Trim
25 10:45-11:10 PFAS behavior in irrigated and/or biosolids amended fields in AZ Ian Pepper
10 11:10-11:20 Q&A  
10 11:20-11:30 Break  
25 11:30-11:55 Process Effects on PFAS in Biosolids, Effluents, and Leachate Linda Lee
5 11:55-12:00 Q&A  
5 12:00-12:05 Break  
50 12:05-1:00 How to Communicate About PFAS Sally, breakout session
Mins   GAME: I Spy   
    MODERATOR: Rebecca Singer  
  8:30-9:00 30 minute networking 8:30-9:00, bring your coffee!  
5 9:00-9:05 Introduction to session, chat-based icebreaker, party day! Restorative Beer, everyone bring the mug  
25 9:05-9:30 Centralia: 60 to 0 MPH in less than a week. The story of a restoration site gone wrong Roger Hickey
25 9:30-9:55 Mine restoration using Metro Vancouver biosolids: from moonscapes to natural landscapes Lillian Zaremba
10 9:55-10:05 Q&A  
15 10:05-10:20 Program Highlight: International Food Program Greg Kester
15 10:20-10:35 Break  
25 10:35-11:00 Visionary restoration narratives- tools that solve bigger problems than our own John Lavery
25 11:00-11:25 Wildlife Research at OK Ranch Karen Hodges
10 11:25-11:35 Q&A  
10 11:35-11:45 Break  
25 11:45-12:10 Restoration of a Sacred Volcanic Landscape Rob Tinholt
5 12:10-12:15 Q&A  
30 12:15-12:45 Biofest Slideshow Interactive
    2022 Biofest Teaser  


Upload pictures of your origami, coloring pages, or items you found in your PFAS Scavenger Hunt! Make sure to include your NAME in the subject so we know who submitted them! You can do it from your computer or phone! (Click the button above or go to: https://www.dropevent.com/biofest. You can also email your pictures to biofest@dropevent.com)


The following CEU’s are available for Biofest:

  • 1.5 Wastewater CEUs through Washington Department of Ecology
  • 1.5 Wastewater CEUS through Oregon OEASAC (pending approval)
  • 1.6 Sanitation CEUs through WSBRS

Click below after BioFest to fill out the post-event evaluation in your information to claim your CEU credits. All credits will be submitted for participants who submit their information (matched with attendance record we have on hand) and a certificate will be produced and emailed to you.

Our Annual 2021 BioFest is approved for up to 1.5 CEUs from the Washington DOE Wastewater Training, up to 1.6 CEUs from WSBRS (Washington State Board of Registered Sanitarians) and pending CEU approval from the OESAC (Oregon Environmental Services Advisory Council). Attendance is being tracked for CEUs. Please complete this request for CEU credits upon completion of BioFest. If you have any questions, please contact amy@nwbiosolids.org